Air conditioning is important for making a home safe and livable throughout the summer. It’s also an integral part of any heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system. Many local plumbing contractors also provide HVAC services, including installation, maintenance, and repair of air conditioning units. If you are considering buying a new AC unit, here is a closer look at the most popular types that homeowners buy for their properties.

Single Room AC Units

The most basic AC unit is the window system that helps to make an individual room more comfortable. According to ComfyLiving, people buy about 83.5 million single-room air conditioners every year. The small and portable AC units mostly go into living rooms and bedrooms where most people spend their time while at home. They are very affordable and incredibly easy to replace when they go bad, but you should have an expert replace your units to prevent injury or damage.

Central Air Conditioners

One of the most comfortable and popular systems in the central air conditioning unit, which circulates cold air throughout your home’s ventilation system. The central air conditioner is a split system with the heat pump, condenser, and compressor located outside of the home and connected to the evaporator coils and air handler on the inside. The system uses refrigerant to cool that air and has drainage so that any condensation harmlessly can flow outside. Local plumbing contractors can help to maintain the system and ensure the drainage is clear and working properly.

Mini-Split Systems

Another popular system is the mini-split AC unit that’s more like a combination of a single unit and a central air conditioner. When local plumbing contractors install it, the heat pump, condenser, and compressor are on the outside, while the rest is located inside. The mini-split system does not use ducts and instead focuses on cooling a single room. Many homes that have mini-split systems have multiple units mounted in different rooms, which helps to keep the energy costs down by limiting those in use to only rooms that are occupied at the moment.

Portable Air Conditioners

A portable air conditioner can help to cool any room and usually uses an evaporative system to cool air. A light and portable tube enables the system to draw air in from the outside while the evaporative system inside does the cooling. A bucket collects the condensation and will shut off the AC unit when it gets full. Emptying the water will get the unit to start again.

Roof-Mounted Evaporative Systems

An evaporative system can do more cooling work than a portable system and move cold air through the ductwork in your home. A roof-mounted evaporative system sits on top of your roof and causes the outdoor air to pass over pads that are saturated by water. The water cools the air by up to 40 degrees before the system moves it through your home’s ductwork. An evaporative system also is called a “swamp cooler” because of its use of water-saturated cooling pads.

Floor-Mounted Air Conditioners

A floor-mounted AC system is what most people find when they stay in hotel rooms. The system is a mini-split system that is mounted to the floor instead of higher up like a traditional mini-split system. It draws in air from the outside and might have a duct that helps to circulate it to more than one room. As with a mini-split system, the heat pump, condenser, and compressor are located outside while the rest of the system is situated on the inside.

Smart Air Conditioners

A newer innovation in air conditioning systems is smart technology that helps to maximize performance and minimize energy usage. A smart system’s often included with mini-split systems so that you can program them for optimal use and adjust the systems remotely. Many single-unit and portable AC systems also are made with smart systems that make them more efficient and do a better job of cooling particular rooms. You also could add a smart thermostat to your home and may a central air system more energy-efficient.

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